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So many people with various Spectrums of Autism Disorders, and so much we do not know about all the Spectrums, or how many actual Spectrums…Combine that with the same to be said about ADHD, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Most importantly our brains themselves.

If I were to give a comparison, or an analogy, I would compare the Brain, to the Ocean. Both are vital to our mere existance, in all Sapiens, aka Humans and Creatures alike. But also, the knowledge and understanding of either. In all honesty, I can hardly believe we will have a vast understanding, or knowledge of either, in quite a few lifetimes to come.

All that being said, medicine is constantly making advances, and discoveries. I found this latest hypothesis and discoveroes quite fascinating. The ability to show an overlap, and an actual link between ADHD and Autism. This is true progress.

This article is quite fascinating, and thought provoking. As one who has worked with both types of people, ADD and Autism, in all Spectrums, this article gives a new perspective. As having some in my family, and friends, with one, or both, it really made me think. It made me reflect on things I’ve observed in the people I have known, and do know.

I can honestly say, I am surprised the discovery wasn’t observed sooner. But, progress and discovery is a long process.

I highly recommend reading this article in it’s entirety, for it has so much information, and food for thought. Feel free to comment and share this post.