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On September 14th, 2021, I lost my Daddy. On October 5th, 2021 was my birthday. On October 8th, 2021, my 2nd Dad passed. On October 11th, 2021, we left Bainbridge Island, Washington (across from Seattle, WA) on a very long, and some what tedious, road trip to South Carolina. With a U-Haul trailer, truck, Mr. Bunches, our Standard Poodle, Hugo, 14+ years old, and our Labradoodle, Hercules, 3.5 years old almost. To go live on our boat, and cruise the Islands (AVIs, SVIs, BVIs), the Mediterranean and more. Live life to the best we could. For life is so very precious.

Hugo, now as his time is passing. 😭😭😭😭😭
Hugo as a 5 year old.
Hugo this August 2021
Hugo and Harry
Hugo, Harry, and Happy, the original gang.
Mr. Bunches and all of us road tripping to South Carolina.

In the past couple of days, our Standard Poodle has taken a horrific terminal turn for the worse. He was/is my guardian. Followed me everywhere. Anytime. Definitely, a mommy’s boy. All of our furry, and shelled babies names have started with “H” (we also had two rescue turtles). He is part of the original group, me and Mr. Bunches, adopted when we first got married. He is the last of that group. So this is gut wrenching.

As a couple that has almost always worked from home, and all our ‘babies’ being indoor, we are with them practically 24 hours, 7 days a week with them.

So, I do have a lot of content coming that I have stored already, and just needs to be written out, and formatted. I simply am beyond heart broken, and must take care of one of the most loving creatures I have ever known. For my family means EVERYTHING to me. I’ll keep you updated.


We are speaking with the veterinarian tomorrow. We are keeping him comfortable for now. He ate today. He is drinking water today. We are beyond heartbroken. Since we have almost always worked from home, that means 24/7 being with our furry babies. For him 14+ human years. I slept on the couch with him. Changed his pads, wiped his bottom and etc every couple of hours or less. He did stand up and jump down a few times today. It just happened all so quickly. Like three days ago, he was animated and eating like a pup. This is killing us and we definitely don’t want him to suffer. So, we are doing everything for him. I’ll know more tomorrow. We would prefer for him to pass naturally on the boat with us, instead of a cold vets room.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hold the ones you love, for time is the most valuable thing you possibly have.