So, yesterday sucked hard core. Our baby boy has Testicular Cancer, and Liver issues, White Blood Cell count issues, Cataracts. He is Geriatric now too. However, on this new program, he’s becoming active, fiesty, and just so everyone knows, he is not in pain. His testes have gone from a large water balloon to small water balloon. I really think he wants to pass in the Bahamas or Puerto Rico. He is on super drugs, and now canned Royal Canin, puppy mega dose Ensure, antibiotics, and probiotics. But he looks, and acts really happy now. I’m prepared for it all. He goes back to the vet, who is amazing, in 10 days. We stopped the bleeding. It’s cancer, there are no answers. For him, we just want him to have quality of life. But, I am prepared.

I know we wouldn’t be here without all of your love and prayers. It takes a village to raise a child they say. Thank you tribe. Sending love {{{Hugs}}} He woke me up at 4:30a. EST. but, we would do anything for him.