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I’m sorry, to people like me, and many other financial people, including the likes of Warren Buffett, Crypto currency, Bitcoin, and such, is nothing more than a glorified PONZI SCHEME!

To top it all off it is non tangible asset at best. If we were to go into let’s say war, or any kinda world wide natural disaster, or even domestic, you won’t be able to take your Crypto currency or Bitcoin, and go buy a loaf a bread, or gas. So, I’m won’t do it. Wearas gold, silver, platinum, hell, even pigs, services and etc, that are tangible, you can. Call me old school, but I am also very common sense school.

So, they now have so many people ‘looking at the shiny thing’, that they have created uncontrolled value, to rename an iconic building. What a load of sh*t! Ugh!

Reminds me of watching the jets as a child and thinking, by the time I’m in my 20s, we’ll all have flying cars. Well, I’m now 52, that was when I was 8.

Don’t get me wrong I believe in the dreamers, hell, I am one. However, I am also very practical, and logical. This decision, I’m sure wasn’t paid for in Crypto currency, so why should it be named Crypto.com? What a joke!