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As you all may or may not know now, my husband and I have decided to live aboard our boat and travel the world a bit. So, I will be posting pictures of our adventures as we are out and about as well now. As well as posting my usual ‘life’ stuff.

That being said. Make sure to check out Leila World Blog on Facebook, as I post more content there, throughout the day, and daily, compared to my blog itself.

On my Facebook page, the content isn’t as commentary, or necessarily as expressive (gotta follow the rules). However, there is more content there, some of which never makes it to my blog, or is in cue to be expanded upon and I haven’t gotten to it yet.

So so once again, make sure to check out http://www.facebook.com/LeilaWorldBlog or just type in your Facebook search bar: Leila World Blog. Please like the page too, if you like the content.

One of the many photos of the beginning of our travels. This is Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina