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So, I have a true love affair with Lucky Charms Cereal and Fruit Loops Cereal. I went into bliss when Fruit Loops added MARSHMALLOWS!!!!

Then I realized I could MIX Lucky Charms Cereal, and Fruit Loops Cereal with MARSHMALLOWS! Yes, my inner child went into nirvana. Ironically, I’m not a sweets person. But, when I want it, I want it yesterday!

Meet my inner child’s new nirvana!!!

Now, I can MEGA WATT my cereal, my ultimate mix, by adding these!!! HOLY COW!!! THE ULTIMATE GUILTY FOOD PLEASURE. Who needs ice cream when you can have this! I’m a firm believer cereal and ice cream are an ANY TIME OF DAY or MOOD FOOD. Just saying. Hell, I would just snack on these, or even put them on top of my ice cream. It is a true love affair.

I may not eat it often, but, all be damn, I better have some in the freezer!

You know, I bet you these would go great in DARK FUDGE BROWNIES too!!! I can even make those on the boat! Yeah baby!

What about in Coffee or Cocoa!?!?!?!!!!