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😂😂😂 I try not to look at it at all when eating, especially, with my honey. Yet, you go to a restaurant, and you are asked to scan their menu with what? Your phone!

That’s were you get sucked back in. I’m telling you, I have mastered the read menu, put down reading phone, unless taking pictures of course!

When we went out the other day, my honey, asked for a full real menu. He cited, he likes to go back and forth before choosing, thus, he needs to hold a menu, and visually decide. I thought about it, and totally agreed.

It’s kinda like me and books. I read a lot, I mean, a LOT, daily. But, when I’m deep into a read I have to read it in printed version, Kindle simply isn’t going to work for me. Otherwise, I’m reading it several times.


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