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OMG! My flight leaves Fort Lauderdale at 7:10am to New Orleans, boarding 6:25am however, because of the backlog by TSA, they want you to arrive 3+ hours ahead of time. Which means I have to be up at freaking 2:30am in Uber by 3:00am. Thank goodness the airport is close to our marina. I even paid for expedited security processing, and priority boarding.

I swear the last great flight I had was from Newark to San Juan, Puerto Rico in July. But, it is so I can get my Urgent Passport. We are going to different ports in South Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, and then we are back in Puerto Rico. That will most likely be our home base. Then we will cruise the USVIs, SVIs, and BVIs. Our back up plan to Puerto Rico as home, would be St. Thomas. However, we absolutely love it there in Puerto Rico. Our new boat is actually registered Full Circle, St. Thomas, USVI. We just listed our other boat for sale, which is already in Puerto Rico.

Can’t wait to go back to being happy, and sync, living and loving life Leila. Things are coming together. Thank God. I pray and talk to God EVERY DAY, and throughout the day. I also, THANK GOD EVERY DAY. GOOD. GREAT. ROUGH. EVEN HORRIFIC DAYS.

The world has gone so crazy, especially in our times. At my age, or any age, people need to really think about quality their of life. Who they are? What they are about? And… How and what they want their life to be about? By taking the bull by the horns, and running with your dreams and visions of how you want your life to be. Otherwise, life could pass you by.

No truer statement, or words said, “Time waits for no one“. That is why TIME is the most valuable commodity we all have. Time. Thus the other statement, “There is no time like the present“.

I know for me and my family, we are working so very hard on making our visions, our reality. We are so close. We have no intentions of growing old, and thinking about the ‘what ifs’, or ‘wish we had done this’. LIFE IS TOO SHORT!!! Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Therefore, the ‘perfect time’ in the future to do something, isn’t either.

We are choosing the life of adventure, exploration, and discovery of living, and loving life fully. If you can do it, do it! But, DON’T WAIT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE until the ‘perfect time’ comes. For that may never happen. But, you can make the ‘best time’ happen, by taking a chance on you, your life, and going for it.

Go for your dreams, how you envision you want your life to be. Today is a great day to start. If you are already pursuing them, keep going.

Wishing nothing but the best in Life.