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Since we will not be in stable (better than semi stable at least, internet connect) until we reach Puerto Rico, which looks like will be in under two weeks (YEAH!!!), PLEASE make sure to check out Leila World Blog at http://www.facebook.com/leilaworldblog for content and follow as well.

Sometimes I have a quick minute and signal, and will either save information for when I can post, or will quick post on Facebook. So, to see and read about some of my latest musings and adventures, make sure to go to http://www.faebook.com/leilaworldblog, as I try and post almost daily if I can.

I promise, once we arrive back home, I will be your outspoken, deep in thought, reflective, emotional Blogger on hyper drive. I have a lot of material and thought provoking material, already saved, and ready to be written about. This trip just took about a month longer than expected.

Missing you something fierce. I think you will really enjoy some of my musings, antidotes, revelations, and adventures that I have posted, along with some great pictures.

Also, when I do get full going, I am stacked up on memes from every where!