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It seems to be we live in a time of uncertainty and insecurity. Sure that is true. However, so much of that is actually instigated, and perpetuated by us. A perfect example is the definition of beauty. Specifically, the beauty of a woman.

Only in modern times has it been thought a woman should be completely re-made in order to be the perfect woman by popular society standards. My question is when did perfection by numbers, colors, and tones, combined in a certain order become human? Especially is artificially created, even if only in a photograph? Let alone beautiful?

In my eyes, what makes anyone beautiful starts from the inside. Meaning their heart and mind, then radiates outward. The outward package can always be changed or enhanced. Physically. By clothes, makeup, gym, surgery… whatever.

But, now we have gone beyond that, to just good ol’ fashioned narcissism. To really drive that point home enter Photoshop, put in the hands of over zealous Beauty or Style Influencers, or wannabees. Growing up, we called them ‘Posers’.

I’m not saying all of them are that way. But, many, many, many are. Case and point, the Instagram Filter Influencer. Thus setting unrealistic imagery, ideals, and goals in the reader, or viewers mind.

The modern Beauty/Lifestyle Influencer is altering an image, not just to sharpen the image, but instead to completely almost change the image, or in some cases just down right reimagine an image, or the worst completely falsify the image. Just weird and sad I say!

I’ve met so very many truly physically beautiful people in my lifetime. Some, were beyond beautiful inside and it just radiated out. Some were that, and more, beautiful inside and out, soul to bone. Many, were just empty shells of themselves. Beauty on the outside, and ugly to the bone, that is what my grandmother would say. Their self worth only defined by their looks. Their attitude reflecting their shallowness. Beautiful by looks alone, and ugly as a person. Sad, but true.

As an Award Winning Makeup Artist who for years specialized in the ‘Entertainment’ Industry, a Customer Cosmetic Specialist, a former Model and Actress, a former ‘Entertainer/Model’ Manager, a former Model and Beauty Instructor, a 4th Generation Beauty Practitioner/Salon Owner, and a Self Improvement Public Speaker… I have experienced, and seen an awful lot. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Then now, we live in the land of strange.

I only tell you all of this about me, in order for you, to understand from my perspective, why I simply do not ‘get’ the need, or most importantly, the desire to be any thing other than the best you, ‘You’, can be. However, that does not include just down right faking a picture of you. Some people are making pictures of themselves and their whole lifestyles that are completely FAKE!

In the case of this artist’s images, their lives are real, but, their images have been doctored via Photoshop. Some so severely, it looks like a totally different person. Many, the photoshopped images truly do a disservice to the beauty of the woman. As she is far more beautiful in ‘reality’, than in any over enhanced photo.


Someone Is Editing Celeb Pics To Fit Today’s Influencer Beauty Standards … by Bored Panda interview with the Founder of ‘Goddess Women’ Project on Instagram and celebrity expert @Mike Sington.

Today’s influencer beauty standards are unobtainable without the power of Photoshop. What you see in your social media feed doesn’t match up with reality. But some people tend to forget that.

Even beloved celebrities who spend a huge amount of time on their image can fall short of the standard that social media now seems to demand. The founder of the ‘Goddess Women’ Instagram page photoshops pics of well-known stars to show what they would look like if they actually did look like some influencers.

The account has amassed a whopping 377k followers. However, the project has split the internet and people have mixed opinions on it. Some believe that the account promotes unrealistic beauty standards.

Meanwhile, others believe that the project starts up an important discussion about these very same standards.
Bored Panda got in touch with the founder of ‘Goddess Women’ and spoke with her about the entire project. She explained that her main goal is to create art with photo-editing software. She aims to see what can be done with Photoshop and actually supports natural looks. And her skills have already been noticed by celebrities themselves. Read on for our full interview. Meanwhile, we also got in touch with LA-based celebrity expert Mike Sington, known as Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider. Scroll down to see what he had to say, too.
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She looks sweet and beautiful on the left. Now imagine the person on the right looking directly at you. Her eyes would look freakish and like blue glass. Completely impossible, thus unrealistic.
On the left a natural beauty California Surfer Girl. On the right, a girl that has a FULL FACE of contour, highlight, bronzer and endless makeup on the beach?!?! Why?
At least the Photoshop isn’t out of control here. But, what is the obsession with changing the color of her eyes, enlarging the size of her eyes, and lips?

Bored Panda wanted to understand what the founder of ‘Goddess Women’ thinks of her critics who believe that she promotes unrealistic body standards by photoshopping celeb photos.

“I understand them, but they should know it’s just Photoshop, it’s art,” she told us, suggesting that her critics are taking everything a bit too seriously.

Dakota Johnson is already naturally beautiful (see girl on left!). Who the hell did they try and make her look like. Even with all the makeup in the world, she wouldn’t look like the image on the right.
We have now gone from a beautiful young English Lady on the left, to an exotic Spanish or Italian young lady on the right. Huh?
Monica Bellucci is considered one of the most beautiful modern women in the world period. That is what radiates when you look at the picture on the left. But somehow, she is not only a younger her, but, she has gone full on looking like Kim Kardashian (in her 30s). Don’t get me wrong Kim Kardashian is beautiful, but why???

“No one needs these filters and skills, but it’s amazing what we can create with them. Sometimes, I show before-and-after Photoshop in my stories.”

The creator of the Instagram page shared how she first got started. “I started this account in September 2018. I just posted some edits for fun and then I saw how many people liked my work and that motivated me!”

Once again, we are back at the freaky eye situation. Also they took away natural expression lines. You know, the things you have, even as a baby.
Apparently, Jessica’s face was too ‘full’ and too ‘sunkissed’, oh, and best yet, her neck to vascular. Don’t even get me started on full glam makeup, and enhanced teeth too! Come on now, really?
So, I suppose Selena’s eye color, lip size and makeup just weren’t working???

Her very first edit that went viral was of Gigi Hadid’s interview for Variety magazine. “I was shocked when celebrities started to notice my page. To be honest, I never expected to get so much attention.”

Bored Panda was also interested to get the founder of the Instagram account’s opinion on looking ‘perfect’ on social media.

Ok…what’s really going on here? I mean aren’t they already beautiful? Plus, one is a humanitarian, and one an environmentalist. So really?
I swear, the one on the left is the ‘real’ beautiful Kate Winslet, and the one on the right looks like an ‘impersonator’. Both are beautiful, but, what is wrong with the ‘real’ Kate?
So now we have gone Madam Tussauds style with being Photoshopped?

“I think that people are obsessed to look perfect because of the followers and likes they get with their ‘perfection.’ It’s sad, but you get a lot more attention on social media when you look good.”

She added: “I just wanna say to all the girls and boys be yourself. You are beautiful the way you are! And I wanna thank all my followers for supporting my work, I love y’all so much!”

Another Madame Tussauds situation? Or is that an impersonator?
Really? Why???

Meanwhile, celebrity expert Mike told Bored Panda a bit about celebrities and their image.

“I think it’s sad we actually have ‘modern beauty standards’ celebrities feel they have to meet. We’re all expected to look flawless, celebrities and their fans too. The celebrities, and ourselves, have created a false image of how people are supposed to look,” Mike told us.

And what in the world is happening here?!?!?!!!

What are your thoughts? Have we gone too far? Or is this how it should be?

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