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Anna Delvey, aka Anna Sorokin, aka The Fake German Heiress. Shown in court for her trial for fraud, theft, and more.
The Netflix Mini-Docuseries based on 4 years of research, interviews, and court documents, presented by Shondaland (highly recommend watching)
(Julia Garner portraying the real Anna Delvey/Anna Sorokin in the Netflix hit docuseries ‘Inventing Anna’, the story of the ‘fake German Heiress, Anna Delvey’)
Anna Delvey, aka Anna Sorokin, aka The Fake German Heiress. The many looks of Anna.

For ALL watching ‘The Making of Anna‘, on Netflix, about Anna Delvey/Sorokin, this is the follow up article by her, dated February 2022. Of course with my take on it all.

I gotta say they need to either deport her, or release her. The woman has done her time, paid all of her restitution, and was released on good behavior. Only to be re-arrested by ICE, 6 weeks later March/April 2021. Where she is still in (ICE) JAIL in New York!

After all I’ve read, and seen so far, this is what my take is. Is she being extensively punished by incarceration because this is simply someone, or parties, abusing their power of authority for their own gain at this point? It truly serves little purpose, in the scheme of the crime, the abused (the proper term is ‘the indebted to’) , or the convicted.

Did she commit crimes? Yes. Was she hustling to accomplish something? I would say yes. I really feel she had a true plan for her vision of the ‘Anna Delvey Foundation aka ADF’. Was her intent to swindle? I really don’t think so. Did it all go bad? Hell yes!

Below in the HIGHLIGHTED LINK IS THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE, in which Anna Delvey/Anna Sorokin gave an interview after the release, by Netflix and Shondaland, ‘Inventing Anna’.

After watching ‘Being Anna’, and loosely following the case for years, then reading this latest article as written by Anna herself, amongst many others, it all well…

(Note: You gotta read the highlighted article below. And, I definitely recommend watching the Limited Series on Netflix)

Makes you wonder…So for whose purpose is this serving? Who is the new ‘Puppet Master’, in this never ending situation? And what do they want? Have to gain? And why? Or, are the new/current partie(s) to be, simply ‘Puppets’ to the real ‘Puppet Master’? Makes you wonder.

Oh, and as for ‘Rachel‘, that chick really is a snake, and a ‘Real Hypocrite’. For someone stating she is the ‘Victim’. She’s made the MOST money, and profited endlessly. Ye’ who protest too loud, is what I say. That’s all I’m saying. Humph! Smh when it comes to Ms. Rachel.

It is now known that Ms. Anna Delvey/Sorokin, and Netflix, have opted to do another Docuseries about her life after the conviction, where it ended up, and the ride to, thru, and from there. Of course, that is all provided ICE does something, or the courts do.

I really hope this woman can get out, and take that energy she has, and become a legit success. I’m a firm believer people can change, evolve, learn, and achieve for the better. In her case, it’s like a 2nd chance.

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