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Speechless. Not! We have a voice. We are strong.

Why haven’t we stopped him?

Respectively, ‘We’, and ‘The World’, are more than collectively capable of ending this tyranny, and explosiveness. He is literally endangering EVERYONE and EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET INDEFINITELY!!! Killing almost every one, and destroying every thing in his path.

He has the mindset of someone, ‘if I can’t have you, no one else will’. I know first hand this mentality way to well. It is the abuser, and the victim. Thus, destroying the very obsession/love/lust/whatever, and however, in order to do so. It’s a power game. It is a ‘jealousy’, ‘covet’ game. It is an ‘ownership’ game.

Years ago, they found castrating a rapist, or molester, will not prevent them from raping, or molesting again. For the action itself, was mental first and foremost, and the physicality was an after thought. Power, control, at all costs.

People are dying due to some egotistical sociopathic maniac! Enough!

I mean… Nuclear Plant attacks? Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) employees at gunpoint? Killing civilians, women, and children? Stealing countries?

Kelptocracy: This is a new word in our everyday use now. It will most likely make Webster’s Dictionary top new words for 2022 next year. I means to steal a country’s Democracy. To steal a country? Yeah, had to Google that to make sure.

Kleptocracy is a government whose corrupt leader(s) use political power to appropriate the wealth of the people and land they govern (or not), typically by embezzling or misappropriating government funds at the expense of the wider population. Wikipedia.

Committing War Crimes? And, Crimes Against Humanity invoked by Cluster Bombs? Vacuum Bombs? Genocide? And endless corruption, murder, and so many other crimes! Something has to force the end of his regime (besides nuclear war). The sanctions? Most likely will hurt ‘The People’ the most. Most whom do not agree with Putin, a ‘Nuclear’ trigger happy dictator. What’s that saying? ‘Go out with a bang!’ We simply can not be scared of him, and his craziness, we must control him, and remove him from the equation of power and position. Remove him from being the writer of everyone and anyone’s story, and narrative (except his own). Make him no longer relevant and one to be feared, other than simply bad history. Put him in the books, as all dictators are. Bad narrative. It is time we put an end to dictatorship. Otherwise, this is a rabbit hole we will never get out of. Meanwhile, with endless lives lost, and many more to be lost. Generation after generation, until ‘we’, and ‘everything’ else on this planet are extinct.


Open SmartNews and read “Putin bans Russians from leaving the country with $10,000+ foreign currency” here:


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