“Doppelbanging” is a new term for dating someone who looks similar to oneself.

What are people looking for in a significant other?

Themselves, apparently.

Couples formed of duos that look alike aren’t alone — they’ve actually become the epitome of a newly coined dating term: “doppelbangers.”

So, we’ve gone from being just curious about our individual “Doppelgangers”, to actually being attracted to, dating, marrying and in almost all of these examples, procreating. Now isn’t that special! Lol!

I mean it’s one thing to date or even marry or procreate with someone who looks like family. Hell, that’s been going on forever. My husband looks like a tall version of my husband. Intense blue eyes, blonde. I definitely have a type.

But, being with someone who looks like me? I just couldn’t go there.

What about you? Your thoughts? Do you look like your significant other? Where as I look opposite of my dad, and my husband. Lol!

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