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Recently came across this very interesting feature article on Buzzfeed. I am a firm believer, you can make money still. For many, they are doing what they like or love to do. They are focusing on quality of life for some, or helping others for some, or they are persuing their passions.

None the less, you would be totally surprised how much people are making, or not, for their jobs. What’s your occupation? And, may I ask a salary range.

The following article is as featured in Buzzfeed.

Recently, I’ve been writing posts about people sharing their exact salaries. People on Reddit and in our BuzzFeed Community have been super open and shared what they make — and honestly, a lot have surprised me.

Here are some salaries that took me by surprise:

1. “Spa Coordinator: I make around $35,000/year.”


2. “Advertising Creative Director for a large corporation: I make $450,000.”


3. “Phlebotomist: In my first year, I made $21/hr.”


4. “Travel RN: I make $250,000/year. I refuse to go back to making shit for saving lives, so once the money is gone, I’m out.”


5. “Journeyman High-Voltage Lineman: My base is $130,000. After overtime, I average about $300,000/year.”


6. “Authorized Retail Salesperson at Verizon: I make $80,000.”


7. “Real Estate Agent in Wyoming: I make $600,000/year, but no benefits.”


8. “Music Teacher in Massachusetts: I make $99,000/year, including stipends for after school groups and learning sessions.”


9. “Manager of a Licensed Residential Facility that serves as a crisis stabilization unit for children: I make $57,250/year.”


10. “HIV Prevention Specialist: I make about $34,000/year. I was going to go to school but I’m happy where I’m at.”


11. “Dog Walker. I make around $50,000/year. I love my clients and the exercise. I walk 6+ miles every day, and I work 6 hours a week. The value of having a balanced work and personal life…priceless.”


12. “Court Interpreters in Illinois: I make around $100/hour with a 4-hour minimum for getting called in for a case where translation is needed. They also pay very well for translation of documents for court.”


13. “School Lunch Lady (6+ years) in Kansas: I barely made just over $12,000 last year. The worst part? Finding out that the starting pay for new hires this year is 45¢ less/hr than what I’m currently making. Kind of a slap in the face if you ask me.”


14. “Supervisor at a Walmart Distribution Center: I make $85,000/year. My annual bonus is around $10,000-$12,000, and I work 4 days per week.”


15. “Voiceover Artist: I generated $363,000 in revenue this past year.”


16. “Major Airline Aircraft Technician: I make $120,000/year as a bay pay, and $274,000 with overtime, road-trips, and charters.”


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