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So let’s all flash back to when ‘Trumpets’ stormed our National Capital in VIOLENT RIOT FORMATION because they were invited, incited, and guided by, this archaic madman, his fellow demented followers, and his personal agenda oriented family. All because he LOST the Presidential Election, not just lose, but, by a LANDSLIDE! Let’s also just go down memory lane about ALL OF HIS FALSEHOODS, and BLATANT LIES. This does not include his or reprehensible ethics. Now that you’ve done that. Let’s continue.

So now, this former ‘President’, who obviously wants unrest, and intends to profit both financially, and politically, believes, and is instilling in his ‘minions’, or should I say ‘puppets’, that we should have CIVIL UNREST, and worse CIVIL WAR over INFLATION!!!! Mind you, mostly INFLATION HE GREATLY CREATED, or contributed to, on a Domestic and International scale!!!! Now isn’t that rich, and as usual, per his modus operandi.

Any idiot who thinks, or implies we should have CIVIL WAR, over INFLATION is a crazy person. The ENTIRE WORLD is suffering through INFLATION or WORSE!!! The supply chain WORLD WIDE is WEAK or BROKEN! There is simply a SHORTAGE of SUPPLIES AROUND THE WORLD!

Now, with the Ukrainian War, Wheat will be a VERY BIG ISSUE. Seeing how they are one of the largest producers of Wheat worldwide, amongst other things.

There is this little thing called ‘Supply and Demand’. ‘Less Supply + Demand = Higher Pricing’. Which in most cases, lead to ‘Over Pricing’, or the worst, ‘Price Gouging’. Ugh!!!!! If he hadn’t put super tariffs on Canada over ‘lumber’, and Biden increase those tariffs (which makes zero sense), the cost of ‘lumber’ wouldn’t be through the roof, which means there would be more supply, which means, more building and production, which means, more available housing, which means, houses wouldn’t be over sky high inflated pricing, right now!

But, calling, or implying, for ‘Civil War’, or ‘Civil Unrest’, is the mindset of an archaic, demented, madman. Same sh*t like ‘Storming’ The Capital, because you lost the Presidential Election.

The people that benefit from war of any type, are the companies that supply the things used during war. They benefit first. This is because of government contracts then needed, and requested. Follow the money folks. Find out who owns what, and then you will truly see the agenda here. This has nothing to do with solving inflation. Easing the burden of supply. Capping the cost to adjust to correct course. Nothing to do with easing the burden of expense for ‘The People’. Instead, it has EVERYTHING to do with profiteering. Follow the money.