Say it isn’t so. Forever, with all of my ex-fiances, and even my hubby, I was totally fine with an Elvis Wedding!!!! As a matter fact, I requested one. I just couldn’t wrap my scared AF arse around a big wedding, the whole fancy gown, a bunch of people. I did that at prom. Daddy had a wedding gown customized to a prom gown. I’m simply a girl that would rather laugh and sing the music and stare into my beloved’s eyes, and party like a rock star. Move forward, and onward. I know, I’m not the only one. I was totally down for let’s run and elope with my husband. Thank God, he got that about me. It was the fear of commitment. I only will do it once. I did it 20 years ago this coming 12/20/22. Wow. Still mind blown by that concept. Still scared, but, happy. Still in love.

No More Elvis-Themed Weddings in Las Vegas Chapels, Licensing Co. Clamps Down | TMZ TV