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To all musicians and music lovers check out this guy.  I’ve never even heard of a Hammered Dulcimer before. Has any one? Does any one play? This is Ted Yoder on the Hammered Dulcimer and his new band recording live. Bad ass!

Click the link below to see Ted Yoder and his band play ‘Everybody Wants stop Rule The World’ – by Tears for Fears. One of my FAVORITE BANDS EVER! The song comes off of a solidly great record by Tears for Fears.

Below I have included the link of just Ted Yoder, play the same song, on this unusual instrument. It’s like if a guitar + drums + a harp had a baby, you would get a Hammered Dulcimer. Beyond cool!

Below is the actual band Tears for Fears playing ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’, six months ago. Still an amazing band, their music and sound still classic.