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I would make a killin’ and loving what I do! Talk about a great side hustle! It’s just so hard to get all the damn permits. Of course, in a Leila perfect world, it would be a giant RV converted into a full kitchen Taco & Sandwich Food Truck. Now that’s what I’m talking about 😋😋😋 I didn’t figure that out til my early 40s, than life happened. But, you never know. I’m always full of surprises. 😋😋😋😉

I think I would also maybe do a pop-up Pasta and Sandwich Truck. Tour the cities I like. Sounds like fun.

I’m telling y’all next to writing, cooking is my jam. However, I don’t want a full one restaurant. Unless, it’s like the one I went to in Houston years ago. The place had NO MENU!!!! Basically, you got in, order your drinks, they have general appetizers and such. Then, they ask you what would you like for dinner!!! Plan on being there a couple of hours, or calling ahead. Best freaking date night EVER!

I bet you could do a food truck in that format too. Just imagine a really nice park overlooking the city or bay, and offering that kinda experience. They are your gourmet picnic basket.

Just an idea of two. Next lifetime for sure!