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I’m so HAPPY!!! If you love adult sci-fi watch ALL 5 SEASONS! I watch it on Netflix. However, I believe Apple has it too. 65 episodes. 1 hours each. MA content. Magic, Mythology, Cussing, Sex, Gender Fluidity, Fun, Funny, Heartfelt, it has it all!

This show is so good, even my husband binge watched it with me! I’m on the final season until November 15, 2023! I might have to rewatch it because I slept through a few episodes.

Another good show to watch is New Girl or The Convenience Store. Those are PG. Now the show Invasion on Apple+ is killer too! That is TV MA as well.

I’ve determined I prefer shows and movies that are rated R or MA. My only exception is movie cartoons, I’m a total sucker for those. I like watching shows that act like people speak and think. Basically, I like thinking shows filled with emotions. The more complex, the better.



Click the link below to get the details on The Magicians! Yippee!!!