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What makes this so sad and pathetic is children are not born racist. They are TAUGHT racism! This starts at home, in the community, in lifestyle. It is acceptable behavior within their core fundamental base.

I mean why does RACISM even exists? Fear? Self hatred? Hatred overall of fellow man? Narcissism? What? Why? And still?

The one thing these 23andme.com, Ancestry.com and DNA test in general have proven, is that we are all comprised of multiple ethnicities. Most from multiple countries. Almost every person that has EVER LIVED originated their family line from some part of Africa. That’s just PROVEN SCIENCE!!! We all bleed red. As since the beginning, and still, there is NO COUNTRY called ‘WHITE’, ‘BLACK’, ‘BROWN’, or even ‘BLUE’. There is only ONE RACE! The HUMAN RACE!

So, what purpose does all this hatred serve? ZERO!!! It is absolutely insanity to encourage, or promote a racist culture. We are a global society, that is dependent on global interaction, even if just for survival. The only thing that racism does is hurt the innocent, and hurt the person filled with hate. How is that right, or sane?

It is so bad you have people using ‘God’ to promote pure old fashioned racism in the houses of worship.

Also, some of you may not be aware, racism is not just a ‘White’ or ‘Caucasian’ thing. Racism exist in all nationalities. Bigotry ironically does not discriminate. This holds true even amongst the same color races. Sad but so true.

I have to believe, we as a whole, the ‘human race’, believe in people first, and don’t care about color race. Thus, outnumbering the racist and bigots.

Below is the original article that inspired this post.

A group of Georgia high school students spelt out the N-word on shirts at a football game.

The five students at West Laurens High School sparked outrage among residents of Laurens County, local news station WGXA first reported. The teenagers wrote letters on each of their shirts that spelt the racial slur and then wore them to a football match against another school on 16 September.

Images of the group began circulating on social media, with shocked parents bringing them to the attention of school officials and local media.

“To see a picture like that in 2022 is just something that you never want to see because I feel like our ancestors fought so hard for us to get here today, and I feel like it’s just super-disrespectful to see a picture like that,” Quadravious Johnson, who graduated in 2020 from a school in the district, told 13WMAZ.

The Laren County School District issued a statement decrying the teenagers’ actions, but members of the community said the students should be disciplined.

“We do not support, nor condone, any offensive actions of this nature. We are truly disappointed in the choices of these students,” the statement read.

“The environment and teaching at West Laurens High School foster love and respect among our students for each other. What is observed in this picture is completely misaligned with the values of our school and community. Rest assured, the incident is being investigated.”

“[My son] said, ‘Daddy, they asked me to hold a shovel and one of them called me the n-word.’ I was like, ‘What?’” Mr James told the outlet.

As reported by The Independent, Andrea Blanco

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Georgia high school students spell out N-word on shirts at football game