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All the world’s Rochester singers, actors, directors, writers, and magicians, in one happy list.

You know that saying ‘More money, Mo’ problems!’. In looking at this list, every single person has gone through some serious trials and tribulations, and come out the other side. It just goes to show you, you can overcome adversity, and accomplish anything. Never too early or late in life to achieve success, even when faced with adversity.

  • Jerry Sienfield $950M
  • Peter Jackson $1B
  • JK Rolling $1B
  • David Copperfield $1B
  • Slavica Ecclestone $1.2B
  • Paul McCartney $1.2B
  • Jay Z $1.3B
  • Rihanna $1.7B
  • Kim Kardasian $1.8B
  • Jaime Hertz $3B
  • Kanye West $2B
  • Oprah $2.6B
  • Steven Spielberg $3.7B
  • George Lucas $10B

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