As you may or may not know, I was Facebook hacked end of August 2022. This included all of my Facebook Pages as well. I was completely locked out of my account. They changed my email address and all information associated to the account.

I hired someone, paid their fee for what I thought would give me back my accounts. I first tried everything which way possible to contact Facebook. ZERO RESPONSE or resolution. I let my Instagram people know, and was referred to 8 different parties that were supposedly tried and true.

Well, I paid $100 (a discounted rate from the $175), he supposedly lifted the block. Then I was told I had to pay another $100 in a fine supposedly for fraud on my account. At that point I felt like it was extortion, and some sort of sub assault! I had to make some hard decisions.

Since I wasn’t certain on where the extortion would end, I couldn’t contact ANYONE at Facebook either, I made the decision to start new. This meant I lost my entire friend page (1,000 people), my profile page followers (1,500 people), my Leila World Blog Page, my Full Circle SV Page, my Person Page, my groups, my pages I liked, my pages I follow, and my credibility on Facebook (10+ years) for SEO, my pictures (I do have the originals to most, damn near impossible to rebuild), my photo albums (same as my pictures). Even my gaming stuff! I had to start from scratch.

So, I now have a new Personality Profile Page, and a new Facebook Leila World Blog Page. It is going to take me a few months to sort everything kinda out. It’s a very very long and tedious project.

That being said…’Leila World Blog’ on Facebook is up and running. Currently with all new content. You will find new content, writings, musings, videos, memes, music, and more there. A bunch of stuff that isn’t actually posted to my blog website, but is located on my blog Facebook Page ‘Leila World Blog’.

Check out the NEW FACEBOOK PAGE for ‘Leila World Blog’, make sure to like it, and feel free to share it. Always feel free to make comments, questions, or suggestions on any of my media.