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So, you can tell I’m in my happy place. I’m writing, cooking, getting new eyeglasses, and for the first time EVER! GOING PLATINUM BLONDE!!!


So let start with the food pictures. My Tuesday Morning Homecooking Breakfast. The Breakfast Salad.

The Breakfast Salad
Arugula, Seared 1/2 Sweet Potato, Thick Cut Hickory Bacon (2 slices), Sunny Side Up Eggs (2), Hickory Sea Salt, Cracked Malbar Pepper, Lemon Bechamel Sauce

Now onto my image update.

New waist trainer arrived yesterday. Down a size!

I love this company. Angel Curves. I also buy from Hourglass Angel. But, Angel Curves is my favorite.
I own both of these. However, I bought the size smaller of the Extreme Waist Trainer 3 Hook Black. These products really work. Plus,my delivery came with a 15% off coupon for my next order. These products are made in Colombia. The one on the left has a fabric lining, and latex exterior. Super sturdy.

Went to look at eye glasses frames yesterday, I’m getting two new pairs. New shapes, metal frames, so exciting. Eye exam Friday. Order glasses Friday. We have found Costco to have great pricing on high end frames. The lens are very reasonable too. I always get Transitions Lens. So the clear lens turns into prescription sunglasses. Love love love The convenience. This time I may have to get the gradient lens (where it blends into a bifocal) and Transitions. Plus, you can get an eye exam there.

Tomorrow I go from this 👇🏽⬇⬇⬇

Mostly white, reddish brown, leftover bleached ends.

To this color scheme 👇🏽⬇⬇⬇, but brighter! At least that is the goal 😁 We have similar skin tones. I’m more yellow blue I think. Versus I think she has warmer tones. I look like I have jaundice if I wear yellow gold. Whites and vibrant colors always look best for me. I am so excited. I’ll also get a little trim. I’m thinking a long bob. Wheeeeee!!!

See how her skin tones are warm versus mine being cool?
So, I’m this.

Below are the several iterations of my hair colors since I was 40. So, 12 years of hair coloring. Some years, for a very brief time, before I started going white, I would let my red hair fly. Sometimes with sun, pool, and surf. When darker, means hats, indoors, no sun practically. Hey, did wonders for slowing the skin aging part. Lol!

On a side note: I am the queen of sunblock! So, me and sunblock 50 are close friends. Then, sunscreen in all my makeup too! So now, I’m back getting some sun throughout the week!

My Rainbow Phase
Me at 5
My natural color when out in the sun, surf, and swim. Plus, my hubby, down in Grand Cayman on holiday years ago.
A few months ago. Man my hair has really grown since this picture. I think it’s all the Selenium and Biotin, and vitamins in general I take. Must be.
Me at 45. I kept my hair done shade of blue from 45 – 51. I’ll be going back to this, probably when I’m 58 or 60.
My Teal Phase (Blue Phase)
My Blue Phase.
My Violet Purple Phase.
Violet Purple Phase.
My Blue Black Phase.
My natural hair color. Senior Class Picture 87′. Red she blows! My momma is a red head, and my daddy was a blonde.
Blue Teal Phase.
My Violet Purple Phase.
Apparently, like to switch up glasses with hair color! Lol!!!
Me, no sun, only snow phase. Still Auburn Red.
My Bright Red Phase.
I even toyed with Dark Brown to combat the new White hair as it was appearing!
Me last year. My hair loves to revert to red. Back to red she went. Ugh!
My original Teal Phase.
The beginning of my Violet Purple Phase.
Even after coloring my hair dark brown, it still lifted to red!
As you can tell, I am quite fond on the Blues.
My natural color and style when long. This is important because this is pre white hair, and long.
As the Teal fades.
Chestnut Brown Phase.
My Teal Phase continued a while.
Yep, I definitely have a thing for the Blue Phase 🤣🤣🤣.
Natural hair color. Blow dried.
Rainbow Phase.
Natural hair color. Blow dried.
Burgundy hair phase.
Natural hair.
Natural hair.
Natural hair.
Electric Blue reigns supreme!
Blue Black in Hawaii.
Natural hair.
Natural hair.

Thus, Platinum Blonde is soooooooooo exciting! I wore a Platinum Marilyn Monroe wig years ago for a party, and it was fun. So, I’ll keep you posted on my adventures.

I believe me at 53 is going to be a fun and exciting year! At least that’s the plan 😍