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I have literally been having this conversation since ‘precovid’. Then when COVID happened, people started to pay attention. By the end of the 1st year 2020, this became a reality. By mid year 2 aka 2021, this became quite the normal for most.

In reality most office jobs can be done quite effectively, if not superiorly, when done at home, or remote. It allows people to live life, and get things done as a whole. Of course there is the flip side, where some people NEED IMMEDIATE SUPERVISION. Some simply need to have some looking over their shoulder in order to stay on pace, and accountable.

Then of course you have those that are in retail, or any in person customer service, delivery, or management of such. Obviously, those positions are still highly needed. Even more so now, and in the future, in doing hybrid, or remote, work loads. Simply because where people were located in an office, or building, they now have free reign of their schedules (within guidelines). This means delivery at any time. Shopping at any time. Appointments at any time. A more open schedule means, more ability to do things at more convenient hours.

I also believe that those who are more computer savvy, or skilled, especially Generation X and younger, who grew up tech friendly, in the land of smart phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches and more, they are more equipped mentally, and physically to be left alone to work. I basically this one the way they communicate as a whole.

For the most part, Generation X and younger, grew up in the land of Apps, Email, Text Messaging, Zoom, Whatsapp, Amazon, EBay, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Snapchat, Reddit, TED, Yelp, TikTok, Messenger, WordPress, Microsoft Office, VOD, MeetUp, endless streaming, and more. All of us working, or being entertained, with on demand results, collaboration, brainstorming, training, and more. That is actually the new normal.

As a person raised as an only child, and rather introverted and shy by nature as a child, going into a digital world was a natural transition at my earliest age. As long as I can remember, I have been electronically connected and ready. However, I might have looked at it from a different perspective. I looked at it as my way of communication further and further in life. A broader reach into the world. Where as most see it as not having to deal with more complexities that in person engagement tends to bring.

Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned all the people who decided to have babies. Child care is very expensive. Also, a lot of parents were really able to elevate their child’s learning level by ‘home schooling’. Many parents and children really benefit from that forum, in education, in communication, and bonding. I can’t say this was the case for everyone, but for many.

Once again though, some kids need classrooms. Versus kids like me, just need group events. I was primarily taught in much detail at home, or in ‘The Academy of Arts’, in either a ‘home schooling’ format, or ‘continuing education’ format. My family was always with flashcards, pop oral or written quizzes, and endless extra curriculum physical and mental activities, plus I was an advid reader. My family also made sure I attended the arts regularly, and was physically active, to balance out my day. All of that created a personality that is quite content in being home, or strongly disciplined to work from home, or any where, without immediate or constant supervision. It also created a personality of going out when only truly interested in something, or wanting to burn off steam. Otherwise, I am more than capable of entertaining myself, or being productive on my own. Fortunately, my husband as an adult is very similar. So, between our dogs, each other, and electronics, we are very self contained.

I do understand that some people simply can’t grow, develop, or be productive in that ‘self contained’ environment. In fact, there were/are some that experienced pure depression from isolation. I think now that things are opened, much of that isolation can be avoided. People can go for walks, shopping, lunch, dinner, recitals, movies, and whatever, to interact with people with like interests.

Food for thought. Just like they have ‘study groups’ and ‘growth groups’, why not just create ‘work groups’ instead of ‘scheduled work office days Monday through Friday’ kinda thing. That way you wouldn’t need maybe as much overhead. More or less meeting spaces, ‘Executive Officing’ per se would become an alternative format.

Plenty of food for thought. What are your thoughts on this. This amongst many things really seems to be one of our hot topics, especially going into 2023. I’m curious to know your thought. Please leave questions, comments, stories, or suggestions in the comments box.



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