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Lake had been struggling with thinning hair for 30 years. The TV host claimed a number of factors left her strands weak and shedding, including hormonal changes from pregnancies and birth control, unhealthy dieting practices, and plain ol’ stress.

Lake’s Holy Grail For Hair Growth

Beyond Ricki Lake, Harklinikken has been hailed by many as a game changer when it comes to hair growth. So, what sets it apart from the rest?

Harklinikken simply means “hair clinic” in Danish, and like its name, it specializes in customized hair restoration treatments. It was first founded in 1992 by Lars Skjoth in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Harklinikken differs in that it embraces diversity. Harklinikken notes that ethnic and environment-based differences in hair and scalps exist, including climate, water, nutrition, and many other factors. Thus, their extract is completely customized to the hair needs of each client. Clean products are also a must, so several toxins are avoided, such as colorants, perfumes, essential oils, and parabens. 

That all changed one New Year’s Day. With a renewed vigor of taking control of her own confidence, Lake shaved her head and posted an empowering message of self acceptance on Instagram. As luck would have it, it was not much longer that she discovered Harklinikken and embraked on a hair growth journey that actually worked for her.

Harklinikken is available on Amazon.com and on http://www.Harklinikken.com

I’m checking into this closely. As one who has baby fine hair, that naturally will go white, and thinning in spots, this is my next products for me and my husband.

I have heard nothing but great things, and high testimony. I will keep you posted when I do. I’ll also have new pictures of my blonde hair for you later this week.

Click the highlighted link below to read the full detail, some testimonials, and product details.

Ricki Lake Shares The Products That Made The Amazing Difference In Her 30-Year Hair Loss Struggle