Just an update. You can read Leila World Blog at http://www.leila-world-blog.com, or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Make sure to like my pages of you like the content, feel free to share. Most importantly, feel free to comment, ask questions, be part of the conversation. We have a big year ahead, one of the most exciting for me yet. Finally, I will be able to settle down into my writing, and creativity. We have some big plans, can’t wait to fill you in on all the details.

I’m so excited though. Have new equipment, going back to our beloved Washington, I see a house and a puppy on the immediate horizon. Even a ‘Creative Studio Lab’ for me. My husband has decided we each need our rooms. His is all things race cars, mine is creative, and well Hercules and his soon to be brother it’s their play room/ toy room lol! Lots of stuff fun stuff, and creative stuff coming your way. Can’t wait to share the details.

Also, you will find some different content on different platforms. It depends on how fast I want to post, source, reference, and etc. So, make sure to check them all out. Just remember to type in Leila World Blog into your search bar for that media (Facebook, Twitter, and etc and you’ll find me there)

#2023LeilaWorldBlog Big things coming at you 😀