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I came across this on my LinkedIn Feed this morning #LanPham, #CommunityOfSeven. I truly thought it to be insightful. For far too often we are too critical of others, and ourselves, regarding progress and growth. Many times confusing fact, versus interpreted perception.

I am a firm believer in manifestation. If you project and place negativity, doubt, anger, hate, or pain, out into the world, judge too harshly, or judge without merit, whether it be about others or yourself, it will come back to you. Basically, manifesting into the Universe. The Universe in turn answering.

I should define that last statement. There is a fine line to being honest about others, and or yourself, taking responsibility for one’s actions done, or committed, having self realization, versus, instigating negativity, doubt, anger, hate, or pain towards someone else, or yourself. The latter constituting to being spiteful, mean, hostile, hateful, loathing, cruel, or malicious. Actions that can be placed toward others, or yourself, many times being irreparable.

It is far too easy to judge too harshly, blame, or think the worse of someone, including yourself, without merit, or fact. Thus, dismissing and diminishing, someone or yourself, rather than putting actual thought, or consideration to others or yourself. In fact, deeming someone else unnecessarily bad, or yourself to be bad. Whilst condemning someone else or yourself. Thinking the worse of that person, or yourself, without actual true perspective, insight, or consideration. Judging without looking at the big picture, without knowing all the details, the little bits, that truly define one’s story, one’s journey. Details often ignored, or overlooked.

It comes down to few basic principles. ‘What goes around, comes around’. ‘Manifesting your own destiny’. ‘Paying attention to details’.

For, I have to believe that most people want to sincerely grow and improve one’s self. Contribute in a positive way to society, and improving themselves by nature. Not all, but most, I have to believe, sincerely want this in life.

However, I am not blind to the fact that there are some who truly enjoy being miserable, stagnant, cruel, malicious to others, and themselves. There are those few who choose to enjoy being hateful towards others, or choose to intentionally sabotage themselves. They choose to make themselves the victim, so they may place blame, thus, they may judge others. There are some of them having zero desire to positivity towards others, or themselves. We have all encountered that person. Hopefully, it is not yourself.

I suppose it really boils down to perspective…to ‘looking at the glass half full, versus, looking at the glass half empty’. Finding hope, and inspiration, versus, dissolution, anger, spite, fault, and blame, in others, or yourself, or life. All of this done without merit, fact, or consideration.

What’s that saying, ‘How can you judge a man until you have walked in their shoes?’. Or, the other saying, ‘You are too close to the picture, to see the big picture’. We have all heard these quotes at some point in our life. They are just as true now, as they were when they were originally said, in one form or another, God knows how many thousands of years ago.

Last I checked, it is no one’s place to judge someone else’s personal growth. For we know not how they are growing. Nor, do we truly know what they have been through, and how, in order to grow at all.

For ourselves, it is important to remember we are our own worse critics. We are our own pictures, many times even though we are growing, we can not see our own progress, or growth in the right direction. Many times looking at it from the wrong angle. Simply because we can not see ourselves completely. We can not see all of our facets in our reflection in the mirror, looking back at ourselves.

The most important takes in knowing those facts, is to keep growing, keep moving forward for yourself. Build others up when you can. In the end, by keep growing and building, those who want to flourish, will. That includes you.

I hope this resonates with you today, and every day, so you may continue to grow and flourish in your journey in life.


Leila World Blog by Leila Von Steinburg Morse

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