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I am so against this. I’m fine with partial automation. But, not complete. If this is a trend, think of how many jobs, now paying ok wages will be lost from the youth, middle class, and more. Not cool! This is all so they don’t have to pay benefits, and cost of living wages. Bigger profits for their shareholders, with less accountability, and zero contribution to society. All while constantly raising food prices. Talk about sacrificing the economy, people, and customer service for the almighty dollar! As if McD’s doesn’t also contribute to national health the crisis, with diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, and more.

So, now you will get serviced and fed by machine. So, what exactly will they be contributing to society versus how very much they are taking! All whilst asking for contributions to their charities.

#boycottMcDonalds #takersvscontributors

If I want a naughty chocolate shake, or fries, or cheeseburger, there will be plenty of other places on the road I will seek out!