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Okay ‘Beyhive’, don’t jump my sh*t until you read this entire post. I know you LOVVVVVE YOUR GIRL, Mrs. Carter, aka Queen Bey, aka Beyonce. You are the ‘Super Fan’. She can do no wrong in your eyes. I get it. She’s your girl. However, I’m just gonna keep it real for you. How’s that.

Leila World Blog post inspired by Roger Friedman’s article as seen in Roger Friedman’s Showbiz 411, Hollywood to the Hudson – February 8, 2023

I’ve heard and read a lot of people complaining about this. Quite frankly, I’ll admit I’m not a ‘Beyhive fan’. This guy, Roger Friedman, breaks it down as to what’s up.

I totally agree with his article. She needs original music album. You can’t sample everyone on your album, and call it your own album. At that point it is a collaboration at best, or track overlay album, or let’s call it a great Sample Album. Yes, Beyonce is beautiful, with an amazing octave range, vocal style, and incredible passion and soul. She can sing magnificently. Or, as they say, she has amazing pipes. Yes, she can perform well. She is a multi dimensional immensely talented artist. Thus, I respect her for her talent, skill, hard work, and dedication. Her artistry. I appreciate her work. I say that even as I don’t particularly ‘like’ her necessarily as a person, or should I say her ego. She is one of many of the best. One of the many of the greatest. So, I don’t like her ego. Trust me when I say, I am more than capable of distinguishing the artist, or one’s accomplishments in a given occupation, from one’s personal character.

But can or will, she put out original work? Until she can, and does, then she shouldn’t get album of the year. I agree, she probably shouldn’t be nominated in this category at all, until she does. Whitney Houston wrote music, did a huge cover, and put out an original album even when doing with the cover. Dolly Parton, and so many, many, artists do. It’s not to say they don’t ever sample, or collaborate, or sing other people’s original songs, or even do covers of other artists. They may not even play instruments at all, i.e. Beastie Boys (originally) (whom I love), however, they do write some, and some write all of their own music. Some rework others music. Some do covers in entirety. At the very least they offer an ‘Original’ record. Just saying.

Now let’s talk about the Grammy’s…

I may have a sailors mouth on occasion. I won’t deny that. However, I don’t listen to music to hear every graphic prelude to, or sexual position, or act in detail (there are many other ways to explore that). Nor do I listen to music to hear every swear, cuss, derogatory slang, or euphemism, word or words, that ever existed in excess, or over abundence.

There are seemingly more of those words used in some of these newer songs, than the description of what the song is actually about, the feeling of what the song is about. There are way more ways to describe getting your groove on than constant explicit verbally descriptive graphic words. What are your thoughts? Don’t you miss songs that actually are made of lyrics? Videos that tell stories? One’s where you don’t feel like you are in the sex scene, or are being abused? Don’t get me wrong some of the best songs are based on the toughest subject matter. But, leave something to the imagination, imply. I don’t need to see everything. I promise.

I was going to watch the Grammy’s, but the last one I watched was a glorified strip, boardeline porn show half the time. If I want to watch porn, I’ll watch porn. When I watch the Grammy’s I want to see people perform by singing, or playing music. I know that seems like a wild concept, but that’s the same reason I go to a concert. I don’t go to be cussed out, or at, or watch someone or many have sex on stage. They have special clubs for that. Js. I’m definitely not a prude. I simply believe there is a time and place for everything.

I’m just over seeing he/she/him/her/they/them/whomever, gyrating explicitly almost, or mostly nude, and singing, rapping, or whatever, when all I want is a song, and a real performance. Give an Artist an award for their actual talent, not because they are cussing or having sex in front of me. The rest I can go to a strip club, or a sex club, even a bar, if I want to see all that. At least that’s how bad a big chunk of Contemporary Music has become, or is becoming.

The new normal is becoming the explicitly extreme in your face whether you want to see it, hear it, or not. Many new and OG artists thinking this is the only way to sell their music. It has become a one ups man show. Who can out do the other? All while foresaking just showing us your talent.

People will always buy music, watch videos that tell great stories, download or stream infinitely, based on pure talent alone. When that happens, maybe, just maybe, we will have a Grammy’s based on artistry and showmanship vs grandiose neediness, and desperation.

Here is Roger Friedman’s article:

Beyonce’s Grammys Problem: She Will Never Win Album of the Year Until She Makes a Record of Original Songs | Showbiz411

On Sunday, Harry Styles won Album of the Year at the Grammys for his “Harry’s House.”

It had nothing to do with being a guy or being white. “Harry’s House” is an album of all original songs. You may not like them, but they are not sampled. They may sound like old songs, but they stand on their own.

Beyonce once again did not win Album of the Year. Everyone has a theory, but mine is this: her album, “Renaissance,” is full of samples of other music. That’s right. About 20 samples are spread over a dozen songs.

One more thing: the songs on “Renaissance” are full of expletives. The F word is dropped liberally. It’s crude and coarse.

And that’s it. Beyonce has an exceptional voice. I love hearing it. She’s got an ego, but she also has a nice smile. Yes, she shows up late for everything, even the live Grammys, but you’re happy to see her when she arrives. She now has the record for most Grammy Awards, so it’s not like she’s unloved by the Recording Academy.

No, the issue is with her albums’ lack of originality. “Harry’s House,” like Adele’s “30,” is all original material. Even Mary J Blige’s “Good Morning Gorgeous” album is almost sample-free. The rest of the Grammy nominees were largely without samples.

So really, “Renaissance” is lucky to be in the category at all. I know people will tell me that samples are the foundation for hip hop. That’s fine. But to make that final cut for Album of the Year there is a higher standard.

Last year’s winner of Album of the Year was Jon Batiste. A lot of people were surprised. But Batiste combined all new songs with clever covers. He didn’t create Frankensteins.

Add to this the story I wrote at the end of last week. Beyonce’s “Break My Soul” was nominated for Song of the Year. But it was basically a sample of a 1993 disco hit called “Show Me Love.” Beyonce and her producers added some frills and their names to the credits. But the Grammys wouldn’t nominate the original writer, Allen George, because it was a sampled work. Sampling is never going to win the main awards.

Beyonce’s best bet: make an all original record, even if it’s covers of old songs. They can be existing songs. But they can’t be songs made up of particles of other songs. Natalie Cole won for an entire album of covers with her “Unforgettable.” Beyonce can do it. It’s in her power. Everything is, according to her fans. Convene a meeting of the best songwriters and ask for their newest material. Then you’ll have Album of the Year.

What are your final thoughts?