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To me any time of year is good grillin’ time. I even grill in the snow, rain, heatwave, and perfect weather. We love Brisket in this house. Brisket with a side of Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Macaroni and Cheese, Macaroni Salad, Pickles, Corn on Cob, Beans, and Cornbread. Great eating to be had.

Brisket Bread
Trim Brisket; slice into 6 strips leaving one end completely attached; season each stem on all sides; proceed to braid
Braid Seasoned Brisket like Challah Bread; place on heated grill; slow cook until is mostly cooked; remove from grill; place on grilling paper; add lard/butter/fat to top of Brisket; wrap tightly; place back on grill with fat side up; cook until almost completely done; remove paper from meat and grill; add bbq sauce to meat; grill another 10-15 minutes until bbq sauce carmelizes
Cooked Brisket will look like a Challah loaf.
Let Brisket cool; slice
Check doneness; slice to desired thickness
Place your sliced Brisket Loaf piece on a buttered slice of bread; drizzle with more bbq sauce
Serve open faced; enjoy

Remember recipes are guidelines. You could serve in a closed sandwich format. You could even add Coleslaw, Cranberry Sauce, Pickles, Peppers, Mayonaise, or Potato Chips if you like. Make it your own. Serve it with your favorite sides.

Click link below to watch Facebook video on making a Brisket Loaf