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I came across this article in People Magazine posted a few minutes ago. I gotta tell ya’. I think this woman is a hero! I’m not certain I wouldn’t have killed him! You just don’t know how far you will snap in this kinda anger, betrayal, fury.

Ok. By zero means do I believe in gun abuse, or crazy violence. However, if I was in her shoes, I might, hell, I would snap too. 4 years seems way to excessive of jail time for this woman. The man deserves to be 6 feet under, or general population in PRISON, where they will surely put him 6 feet under. You gotta read this story. What are your thoughts? How would you respond? Hell, I wouldn’t EVEN feel like killing myself after. I’d turn myself in sure. But, hell no would I kill myself. Now, kill him… Well, that is up for debate.

Seriously, read the article, and post your comments below. How would you respond to your spouse doing this? Do you think her crime fits the punishment?

Click the highlighted link below to read original story as posted by People Magazine.

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