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Who knew there was a secret formula to McD’s Coke Drinks! I never even thought about it, then I read this article, and I’m like hot damn! Now that I think about Mc’Ds Coke drinks are mighty tasty. And they are perfect on a hot Summer’s day.

What do you think?

Have you ever taken a sip from a McDonald’s coke and just wondered why it tastes so much more elite than a coke from a restaurant, or a coke from a can? Many people rave about the fact that Maccies coke just ‘hits so differently’ to regular cokes, but nobody can quite put their finger on what it is that makes it so tasty.

It truly is a soft drink mystery, but people have finally caught on to what the difference is – and it’s more than just one small factor making it taste so delicious and sweet compared to its other coke counterparts.

The various factors that impact the taste are the containers the coke is stored in, and the type of straws provided for customers.

Since partnering with Coca-Cola in 1955, McDonald’s has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with the company as both forces have come together to create that mouth-watering coke that Maccies customers love. The secret to McDonald’s coke all boils down to the key differences in process when it lands in restaurants, according to The Sun.

First off, the syrup and sparkling water in McDonald’s coke are not pre-mixed, Ranker.com explains.

The two ingredients are actually stored separately, and they are combined together as they are poured out of the tap, leading to a fresher flavour.

dardised, making sure there are 40 grams of sugar in every small coke – and they work it out so factors like melting ice won’t affect the sugar levels. The syrup is also “pre-chilled”, meaning that it will be fizzier for longer.

Another reason is that McDonald’s uses “steel storage tanks” for their syrup rather than plastic bags like most other restaurants, allowing the flavour to be consistent throughout all Maccies outlets. In theory, this means you’ll never be disappointed with the coke, no matter which restaurant you go to.

The water used to mix the syrup is kept at a “chilled temperature” thanks to insulated tubing, and the carbon dioxide levels are kept at a high to “optimise” bubble levels in the drink.

Even the straws Maccies use have an impact on the taste, as the straws are wide to ensure big sips so the beverage is tastier – and the cups are paper, meaning that it “traps the gas”, making it fizzier and yummier.

Someone took to Twitter to share their revelation, writing: “Today I learned that McDonald’s coke tastes better to people because both their syrup and water that mixes with it are both refrigerated.

“Temperature has a big impact on taste. The more you know.”

Other social media users agreed that the coke from McDonald’s is definitely the best.

Read “People are suddenly realising why McDonald’s coke ‘tastes better’ than others” on SmartNews: https://l.smartnews.com/p-E8hXg/rwtFDt