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I’ve heard of some crazy shit we are, doing, and seeing happening in the United States, but this by far is at the top of crazy.

OMG!!! How barbaric!!! What kinda nut job is this!!!???!!!What are we turning into????? We are SUPPOSED to be a CIVILIZED COUNTRY!!! How is death by a FIRING SQUAD civilized!?!??? What’s next? The guillotine? The noose? Wow!?!

Are they even part of the United States with this action??? I mean when in U.S. history have we had execution by FIRING SQUAD? Also, what issue is so great, that they need a FIRING SQUAD? How many people are they looking to shoot via mass executors execution style????

Plus, how the hell is this supposed to prevent crime? So what purpose is this serving? And for who? What sick parties think this is ok?

Absolutely savage and barbaric!

Also, did you know this is the 5th state to legalize this? The others include Utah, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Mississippi. And, how the hell are we just now hearing about this!!!

Read “Idaho governor signs bill authorizing execution by firing squad” on SmartNews: