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If you stream Peacock, Cocaine Bear the movie, and Cocaine Bear the documentary came out today 4/14/2023. Definitely worth watching. It followed by a documentary on Barney the purple dinosaur. Lol. Also definitely worth the watch.

I also did some research. Did you know that there are several species of animals that have found drug dealers drops of cocaine!? Or, that several animals regularly get stoned, or ‘high AF’, whether naturally, or by man? Whoa!!!

I knew about Koala getting drunk off all that eucalyptus. But, not illicit drugs, processed or unprocessed. Who knew? Learn something new every day.

There are even animals referenced by cocaine, because they are guilty by association 🤣🤣🤣 Pablo Escobar’s – Cocaine Hippos 😳🤪🤣