It’s articles like this that really make me question if the powers that be, really have my best interest in mind, or simply only their pocketbooks. I know there is, has been, and always will be a connection to the almighty bottom line dollar. However, I would like to believe that the corporate powers that be, wouldn’t risks people’s lives on such a large scale for corporate greed, individual greed, or any noteriety, creating human illnesses and eminent deaths to support these ideas.

I would like to believe there is some humanity left in business and man, some decency. But, it truly makes you wonder.

I have been told several times, by many very high ranking people internationally and here, in my lifetime, that there in fact is a cure for cancer, a cure for aids, a treatment for obesity and several other ailments. But these are all high money markets from beginning to death. From illness, to diagnosis of the illness, to the treatment of the illness and so forth. I lot of people and industries flourish and are maintained by these factors. Many hands reaching out to be paid. The longer and more critical the illness is, the longer and more money is guaranteed. Sad, but unfortunately true. So yes, this truly makes me wonder.