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Gun owners need to have psychological testing before they get there guns. 98% of all these shootings are happening by no criminal past people, no imbalance in the family history or criminal history. 3 shootings 2 days cross country. I don’t care if you own a gun. Power to you. And those that say everyone should pack are just stupid. Seeing how most people are either killed with there own guns from someone else or there gun is used to kill many. Gun owners should be subject to a full check and psychological testing. I’m starting to wonder if family background checks aren’t need. If you have a problem with that, than you are obviously trying to hide something. Me and all the other innocent people and children and animals need to be protected from you. I used to be a gun dealer (legally) and I would not sale to suspective people. Common FUCKING SENSE! Children should be able to play outside and not be fear. Parents should be able to sit with there kids at the park. People should be able to go get an education and not be in fear that someone doesn’t like you or your simply random and ARE GOING TO DIE TODAY! You should not live in fear of going to the movies. The irony is even if you were packing, you could most likely get killed before you even grabbed your gun, because you wouldn’t know someone was there to kill you. Oh, don’t forget about gun owners who don’t lock up their guns and their kid kills their other kid or someone else.

Too much rage exist in the world to ignore this problem. I mean there are idiots bringing their guns to fast food restaurants to prove the right to bear arms. Really? You are bringing guns in an unpredictable environment and risking everyone’s life because of your vigilante rogue ignorance. We are not in the FUCKING 1800s. This isn’t the mobster 1920s either. Ugh!!!!!