So, a year ago I got hooked into playing fantasy sports leagues. However, I only had time for American football and not soccer (have to learn the rules better for that still). So this year, I have officially drafted my first team. Me against 9 boys teams!

So here’s Leila’s Winter Lion Fantasy Football Team:

Drew Breed – QB/NO
Keenan Allen – SD/WR
Andre Johnson – HOU/WR
Cordarrelle Patterson – MIN/WR
Reggie Smith – DET/RB
Garrett Graham – HOU/TE
Steven Hauschka – SEA/K
NE Def
Ray Rice – BAL/RB
Owen Daniels – BAL/TE
Wes Welker – DEN/WR
Ryan Tannehill – MIA/QB
Aaron Dobson – NE/WR
WA Def

My Winter Lions team and bench 🙂
Woot Hoot!

I’m such a techie that I have the Yahoo Fantasy Football App on everything practically!  Lol! Who says girls don’t like sports 😉

First game tomorrow. Then Hockey, Basketball, Soccer.  Would do rugby, but not big here :-/

Wish me well. #teamwinterlions

Believe it or not, I actually chose all of my own players too! That’s right 🙂 Ready to own the field 😉