‘Liquid Gold’: Mom makes breast milk soap

It’s not just for babies: A Florida mom is using breast milk to make soap — And some local parents are going gaga over the all-natural nutrients. Paula D’Amore, of Greenacres, Fla., launched Liquid Gold Soaps in January when she was pregnant with her second son, she tells USA TODAY Network. “In my first pregnancy, I was itchy all over and I tried everything. I had extra breast milk and it was about to expire, so I made a moisturizing soap out of it and I saw a major difference. The itchiness was gone and my skin was super soft,” she said. She then pitched the idea to a mommy group and picked up a few orders, making custom bars out of each customer’s own milk. She said so far she’s filled about 10 orders — but things are picking up.

Ok, I know I don’t have kids (2 legged ones anyhow), but this is up there with one of the grossest things I’ve heard of! In all my days I have never heard of any person wanting or even thinking about cleaning their baby this BREAST MILK!!! Sorry, I don’t care if it’s organic, or natural or whatever, just plain nasty!