​So here is how I feel. (as shared from a response to another post).
I don’t care about your religion, where you are from, what color your skin, what accent you have, how much money or position of power, sex, or sexual orientation, if you are a good person, and treat others with respect, with humility and compassion, then I care. Otherwise, suck it! But, I wish no harm, and I expect no harm from you. We can choose to disagree, as we should, that is how we grow. However, we should not let installed fear guide us. Even in nature you see the hunted. However, it is not like man. Greed. Power. Control. Sad but true.
We can be the difference individually and collectively. To learn respect, tolerance, understanding, and forgiveness. We can teach education, share love.  We can tell the truth, and not let the past guide our future. We can be the change, for positive. I don’t have to love, like, or agree with everyone. I may choose who I love, like, or agree with. When we can control the hate and fear, than we can grow for good as a species. I truly mean this across the board. The hate, fear, self loathing, must stop. 
Wouldn’t it be nice to talk about how we are saving the planet (instead of blowing it up & each other) instead of blowing each other up, shooting each other, or just being a seduced copy cat of some other murder for a cause or someone else’s reason and/or solution that you think you should identify with. Enough. 
I love you all. If you do something today, say “hello” to a stranger, give a hug to a stranger, or tell someone that matters to you…”I love you”. Mean it. Reach out of your shell, and perpetuate love, forgiveness, growth, understanding and more love.
Wishing you the best in life, always, forever, and a day.
(Sorry about any typos, think you get my drift 😁)