So, I shared a post that came in my news feed, days later, I was contacted that the post was inaccurate. I removed post. I literally post something about my own health and add details and screen shots, and they bring up a false old link, which is total b.s.?!!! That I removed instantly, a while ago, and it was from a while ago.

Then, they don’t have their facts straight on my blog either. My blog used to be named but, I accidentally let the .com name slip. So, they forced me to get a new .com, now it has to be What can I say WordPress. Ugh!!! Below is the very first post I did. It clearly shows the date as November 13, 2012!!! That is a very far cry from 6 months ago!!! All I did was a name change to my .com, blog’s name is still Leila’s World Blog. Total nonsense.

This just shows you some of the b.s. that can happen with FB. Ugh!!!