OMG! So, I had an extreme reaction to No Seeums. I had to Google the insect.

I had an extreme allergic reaction to over 50 bug bites from no seeums (basically, mini mosquitoes, which I’m highly allergic, that, bees, and ants) almost had to go to hospital a couple of times, in the past 5 days. Had a really hard time breathing. Wasn’t breathing at all for a minute or few. Running fever, and constantly choking. Still very winded, itch like hell, still fever. Just started trying to eat food. Was literally choking, puking, and peeing my ow saliva for days. Been bed ridden since Sunday. I was so scared at first, because I could not breath, even if just walking to the bathroom to get sick or pee. I couldn’t even talk, or type for days. I could only sleep with my head propped up and on my left side, if I slept at all. Because I could not breath (or wear shoes, or even pants). They bit me almost everywhere. 😭😭😭

Going to doc next week to get new inhaler and epi pen. I can’t even make it to my kitchen yet.

I have attached some screen shots from Google to give you more knowledge. Because this shit is so painful, as I am extremely allergic to ants, spiders, bees, and hollybush. Oh, and I hate heat, because it can make me really sick.

So as you can see, I’ve been in a week of hell. Over 50 BITES!!! Only outside for 5 minutes. I ate my first food in almost 5 days, yesterday! Take care everyone, because we don’t just have Covid happening right now. I literally felt like I was going to die for a couple of days. Not including the severe panic attacks, from not breathing and choking.