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My situation every night, what I get for drinking so many fluids! If it’s not me, that it is one or both of our furry babies, or all of us. Damn, damn, damn 😂😂😂
Hey, a nice ass is a nice ass! 😉
No joke! Exactly what or from what have they been giving this man blood transfusions with???!!! I mean I did a 23andme.com test, found out I have 3% Alien Blood. Now folks, let that shit sink in! What the!!!??? Yes, contacted them to find out I have 3% unidentifiable on this planet blood. EXACTLY what does that mean???? So, is Keith like 97-100%? Inquiring minds want to know. Plus, where can I get some, asking for a friend. Yeah, a close friend.
When you finally get proof that your furry baby is “special”. As in special alien form or possessed! Our furry baby Standard Poodle Hugo, rocking his mohawk, and neon green eyes. I mean come on, that can’t be normal. 👀👁👁
In case you were wondering if they can, or would kill you…let this answer those questions now. You WILL definitely not make it. “Run, Forest, Run”. Wait a second, that might be a REALLY bad idea. I think they can out run and climb your ass. I vote on play dead, or act like a baby. Oh, and cry! They might either leave you alone, or cuddle you. Just saying.
No joke. That or a prosthetic arm! Shit would have gotten real on my ass in a heartbeat. Who says I’m not scared of my mom. I’m not lying. Shed still take me out (she’d have to catch me first 👀😂😂😂😂😂)