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On the left, a normal day here at home in the Puget Sound, Washington. On the right, smoke from all sides, coming from Washington fires, Oregon fires, and California fires. This is surreal. This is day 6, maybe 7, of this.

I’m on a stacked dosage of Benadryl every 6 hours and a prescribed strong dose inhaler, and a prescribed strong nose spray all day. Add OTC ZZZ pills last night and night before. All just to sleep and have any comfort.

Our entire house is closed up. Out here on the water very few homes have air conditioning. One, we live literally on the water, two, all these homes are known for big opening windows, sliders and decks. However, we are very grateful and feel blessed, to not be on fire on the island.

Hopefully it will rain soon, like everywhere on FIRE, DRY, or SMOKE INFESTED!!! May it not be freaky cold or blizzard in the rest. God Bless everyone else.