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So, today, I was social media reading and researching away (ok, planning some shopping too), I came across my girlfriend’s post.

It was quite interesting actually. She was talking about how she really misses seeing people’s faces. Simply because wearing a mask is a healthy, and life saving way to avoid getting COVID 19.

Then I thought about it. I actually had been thinking about it for a while.

As a person who loves lipsticks (I probably have about 300+/-), and endless makeup, too. I truly miss showing off my skills. Side note: I was an award winning Custom Cosmetic Makeup Artist for years. Ironically, I hardly wear any makeup, EXCEPT Mascara, lil’ coverup, and LIPSTICK!!!

So, when we were told we should wear masks (before it was even mandatory here in Washington), I hunted down, cool looking, medically appropriate protective masks. By then, it was the impossible dream. Well, things quickly changed, and for $10+ you could get an appropriate good looking mask. So, I bought 8 different awesome looking masks.

Ok, figured out I was safe, and looked ok. Then, one day I was listening to the radio and they were talking about clear mouth area masks. I was all over that. The were designed for the deaf, or lip readers initially.

I actually am ordering a few different styles and colors. The new way of life. I am already a klutz, I definitely don’t need to add insult to injury.

Check out http://www.Amazon.com for a very large variety of clear medically approved face masks. They list at very reasonable pricing too.