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One of the many social media entities I follow is the Gottman Institute through Facebook. They cover a wide arrangement of topics through Sociological and Psychological analysis and perspectives.

I found this particular one quite informative, as being in quarantine for such a long time, has started to change our actual attitudes and how we handle our relationships.

My husband and I have always worked together, mostly out of our home, and lived together, all over the U.S.A. We have always been very self-contained and in our world. Been that way for almost 18 years. Yep, we met Wednesday, November 20, 2002. I tried setting him up with my bestie, for roughly two weeks. We became married Friday, December 20, 2002. 18 years later.

Some of the things that has helped us endure the highs and lows, is talking things through. Sometimes backing away til we calm down, or even writing a letter. Another is to not name call. Try not to say something in anger, that you can’t take back too. Take responsibility for your part in the relationship.

Trust me when I say, a committed relationship TAKES WORK. Saying you are sorry, sincerely, honestly, and showing with actions, go the distance. Communication, communication, communication.

A key is to realize it takes two people working at their relationship, through thick and thin, good, bad, and ugly, ups, and down, and all of the in betweens.

Click the link below for the article and video.