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As an animal lover, and a former furry baby kitty mommy. The smell and mess of your lovable bundle of purring fur, can be quite intense. From stepping on the litter in the middle of the night, to the smell of ammonia smelling pee, boom boom or to keeping your furry baby pooch out of the litter box, it is all daunting. They are well worth it though.

This is a great, and very simple solution. It helps keep your floors clean. Also helps conceal the litterbox. Plus, you can expand this concept endlessly.

For instance, put a scratch pad on the top. Buy, a fancy or larger tote box. Create a kitty apartment, where you have 2 totes or boxes stacked. The bottom a kitty bathroom/restroom (you can even put little art pieces in it 😊), and the top, kitty cozybed/hideaway. by cutting out 1-2 side windows (for peek-a-boos) and maybe, a back window. If it is tall, or you don’t keep the top part lid on, you could even put some toys in or hanging above.

Plus, it is fully expandable to any configuration. Do 2 side by stackable totes or boxes totaling 4. Two stacked totes or boxes , side by side. Simply create an opening (think crawl or hop thru space) in the bottom totes lids, and a matching opening/hole through the bottoms of the top totes. If being super creative, you could also create a hole on one side of the top lid of the top tote, so kitty can have a roof deck. So many possibilities.

You can make it a room accessory, or fancier, by adding sides (wood, fabric, paint, and etc) to the totes/boxes. The possibilites are unlimited. Just think of it as a functioning kitty house, very similar in concept of a doll house, a scaled down house or apartment.

The best parts are these are extremely affordable and easy to do. You can buy totes as low as $6 and up. This can fit in almost any corner or depending on type of tote or box, be a room accessory too.

All of these items can be ordered from Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot and the like.

Click the link below to see how to do some of these concepts.