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The Supreme Court hasn’t been this conservative since the 1930s.

You know what I don’t truly understand is why Trump is so hell bent on turning back times to such an era. One of the worst times in American history. Especially, when we should be adapting and exploring and pioneering toward the future.

Obviously we are more forward and self aware now more than ever. I also, don’t like this new proposed Supreme Court simply because it does not represent the true climate tone of the Citizens of the United States. This proposed additional nominee, is a staunch Roman Catholic Conservative. When in fact we need a Moderate Liberal in the Supreme Justice Courts. If for no other reason, than to objectively look at both sides of the situation.

Who Trump has suggested when bring our court system back to the 1930’s. When we in fact should be in not only the present, but with someone who has foresight as towards our future.

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