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It is ABSOLUTELY DUMBFOUNDING that We the People of The United States of America would have such a hateful, dumb, spiteful, egotistical, narcissistic, vindictive, cruel, lying, thief, abuser, misogynist, racist, xenophobic, bigoted, stupid President. Most affectionately known as, “The Orange Turd”.

It is in his beliefs he has divided a country. Not even divided in half, but in pieces. We act like a country of freaking factions, instead of a whole, growing towards a purpose.

He has run this country into the ground, and released the patients from the asylum to ruin the country and try and destroy it. Al white lying from the other side of his mouth. With promises of greatness, growth, hope, prosperity, health, innovation, solidarity, unity, and more. All fucking lies.

If it doesn’t benefit and/or glorify him, his family (not even his whole family), his friends (real or phoney, his choice), his cronies (real or phoney, his choice, depends on what type of asset they are to him at the time), HE DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK! Crass, yes. True, yes. Honest, yes. Fact, yes.

His loyalty lies only to himself always, and who he favors at that particular moment. To make matter worse, he’s a full blown bully about it. Whether you be man, woman, or child, young, old or in between, healthy, sick, injured, handicapped, or disabled, even a animal, he simply does not care.

If he can not gain from it or you, it and or you do not exist in his eyes. In fact, he my look at it and or you in disgust. That is simply his nature to the core.

He lacks empathy to say the least. In many ways he lacks most things that make one human. He also, can not see, he is in fact pathetic.

The biggest questions are how and why do we have this fool in office? Especially, someone who thinks he, and is like, or similar minded people, are how we should be.

That leads me to this radical group, The Proud Boys. They are very much like the Ku Klux Clan, simply without hoods, and with guns. They tend to incite violence as well. It’s almost as if it is orgasmic to them. It pleasures them and turns them on in some way.

This leads me to believe, that even if they don’t believe in all the principles of this group, or Trump, they belong to it for the violence, or inclusion, or psuedo notoriety (15 minutes of fame people), or part of these or all three of these principles.

At an official Trump campaign debate watch party, on a farm in Lititz, Pennsylvania, one Proud Boys member shouted “Uhuru!” after Trump’s endorsement. “Uhuru” is a common Proud Boys chant.

Below is a link to an article about who The Proud Boys are, what they stand for, and how they feel after The Orange Turd told them to, “Stand down… and Stand by”. Also, using The Proud Boys chant, “Uhuru”.

Open SmartNews and read Proud Boys Celebrate Trump’s Call For The Hate Group To ‘Stand By’ here: https://smartnews.link/news/esfR To read it on the web, tap here: https://smartnews.link/w/KKhT