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What a difference between her and Melania. She would be a great first lady and more.

Like Former First Lady, Attorney, Author, Speaker, Mother, Michelle Obama, Dr.Jill Biden will be a strong First Lady, with a voice and a mission. Putting Education, Teaching, and Military Families as her focus. She will also be the first Sitting First Lady to continue working as a College Professor. As Dr. Jill Biden did as Former Vice president Lady. Note, she prefers to be addressed as Dr. Jill Biden.

It didn’t click with me fully about Dr. Jill Biden, and Former Vice President, Senator, and Attorney Joe Biden, until this article. For instance, I knew Joe had lost a son, but, I didn’t realize he had lost a wife and daughter too. Nor, did I know just like Joe, how strong Dr. Jill Biden is. Her unwavering dedication to her Family and Children (Hunter Biden and Ashley Biden, the now deceased Naomi Biden and Beau Biden), and her commitment to Education and Teaching. Also, Dr. Biden’s commitment and dedication to our U.S. American Military. Most definitely Dr. Jill Biden’s strong, fierce and loving commitment to Joe Biden and their shared values.

These qualities, amongst many, are what separates her from our current First Lady. This is also what separates Dr. Jill Biden and Joe Biden, from, First Lady Melania Trump (who it has been disclosed in her own recorded speech, her disdain for some, if not many, of Our American values), and President Donald Trump.

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