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A lot of people ask me if I meditate or what’s my zen, well this weekend’s video is a big part of it. Beautiful days at home, doing what I love to do, love on my hubby, play and love on our furry babies, talk to family and friends, cook, write, catch up on current events, read, catch up on our Seahawks, and Formula1, Netflix, Amazon, and Cable binge or discover, find my inner zen and center my chi, pray.

On that note, below are the apps and some pages I added to my home screens of my smartphone, and electronic devices, to help me achieve that.

I also, added Aura and Headspace, and Numerology by Mirofox. I also game. Word games, strategy games, poker, puzzles on my smart devices.

Check them out. They are free. Some are completely free, and others have buy ins. All are extremely helpful. Feel free to leave a comment with questions or opinions on any of them.


Leila (pronounced Li-la)